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Consultations, Critiques & Coaching

I recently joined the Manuscript Academy as a faculty member! Through the Academy, I am very excited to offer live consultations and written critiques on queries, synopses, proposals, and manuscript pages. Check out the options below to be taken to the appropriate page to sign up for these services.

Additionally, I am now offering writing coaching on a case-by-case basis. The number of coaching clients I take on will be dependent upon the services needed, my availability, and my bandwidth. After a quote request is received and needs are assessed, a communication will be sent to discuss the next steps (or other potential resources if I am unable to assist).

Note: Consultations are posted monthly on the 5th and disappear once all sessions are accounted for. Critiques continue into future months.

Request a Quote for Coaching:

Trying to figure out how to get started and/or whether traditional or independent publishing makes the most sense for you? Curious about the steps needed to find a literary agent and where you can begin your research? I'll be taking on clients for coaching on a case-by-case basis. If I'm not able to help, I may be able to point you to some resources that can.

Thanks for submitting!
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