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2023: Replenish

Dear 2023,

I need you to be different than your predecessors.

The last few years have been rough and rife with loss and hardship. With isolation and tough transitions. Even the strongest among us are tapping out—ready for a soft and tender season. One where we can adapt and grow, but gently.

These past few years, I’ve seen the seeds of manifestations planted and how they’ve grown. My entire life was uprooted from one coast to the other, I became my own boss, I turned 40, I became a published author, I became a literary agent, and I am assembling the client list of my dreams. Each seed planted has grown, and while some are close to harvest time, others need more care than anticipated to cultivate what I’d hoped for.

Every moment includes a lesson, a teachable moment that allows me to grow along with the seeds I’ve planted. That growth and change is necessary, and while I embrace it, I ask that this year be one of replenishment.

It’s time to refill the cup that has poured out, to recharge the system that has been depleted, to nourish the grounds where seeds are planted, and to reignite the torches of creativity.

Help me to let go of the armor of the strong, independent woman and to embrace that inner soft girl in 2023. The one who could do with more water, who needs to say no a little more often, who is willing to ask for help, who will take a day off when she needs it, who sets up boundaries to protect her heart and her peace, who is kindest to herself, who meditates and prioritizes self-care. The vulnerable one that I don’t usually share. The one who doesn’t need to be in control.

Let me replenish and revive that soft girl in 2023. The one who still gets it done, but she does so with the help of her village at a pace that is manageable.

Cheers to a New Year, a new beginning, a new rotation around the sun. May you find joy and abundance and happiness and health. May you replenish your spirit, refill your cup, and reignite your passions. May the seeds of manifestations you’ve planted grow and thrive. May love know no bounds, and may your blessings be greater than what your heart and hands can hold.


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1 Comment

Feb 09, 2023

Dear Taj , wow I never even thought I'd get this opportunity and now I feel tongue tied Lol. First off Congratulation's on all of your well deserved successes. I know you don't know me but I'm so proud of you and your work. I got your book from the library on one of my many whimsical visits to my local branch and saw the cover and just knew I had to read it. and when I tell you Savvy her friends , her family , her Spencer and lil precious teddy had me all wrapped up in my feels girl i made a whole Tiktok about it cause i just had to share this phenomenal read! being a avi…

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