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Stretch and Resume

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

Sometimes, you have to take a step away to see things for what they are.

#Blogging, at least for me, has always been my #therapy; the one place where I could express myself freely. No filters. No care as to what anyone else thought. It’s like yelling into a vacuum. Or, at least, that was my perception the first years I blogged.

The past couple years, blogging has been disjointed for me. I kept changing blogs because I was worried about losing a few followers, I wanted to hide from specific followers, and I felt stifled. I couldn’t say everything I was thinking. I couldn’t yell into a vacuum anymore. I started internalizing everything.

I can’t #sleep, because I can’t turn my #brain off. I can’t turn my brain off, because I can’t do my habitual mind dump. I can’t release myself of all my worries because I can’t seem to put them out into the #universe. I want to, but I can’t seem to unfilter. I can’t seem to turn off my concern that others are watching.

But I need to.

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