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Be Still

Updated: Apr 1, 2019

I’ve been going back and forth with myself over how I’ve let so much #time go by; how I’ve allowed everything to get in the way of something I really #love: writing.

I’ve been doubting myself a lot. Work, love, family, friends. #Writing is in that pile too. I let people get into my head and make me think their opinion mattered more than my own. I fell back from church, and I felt completely #isolated, #guilty, and stressed to my breaking point.

Slowly, I’ve been building back up. I could have come back faster, but I think it would have been premature. I needed to be still for a little while and #pray. To get back to where I need to be with God. To remind myself of who I am in Him. To remind myself that self love is as important, if not more, than loving others.

I am rededicating myself to my craft. To #blogging, to the novels. To “me time.” I allowed myself to be robbed long enough.

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